Common Myths About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes may very well rank as the most hated pest out there. It seems to attack us the second we open our doors and walk outside the home, almost like it lies in wait. Mosquitos ruin summer events as they cause itchy bites and can transmit diseases to humans. Even with all we know about mosquitoes, many myths still exist. It is time to learn the myths and separate them from the truth. As they say, the truth shall set you free!

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Mosquitoes Only Come Near Swampy Areas

Sorry to disappoint you but mosquitoes are not only found near swampy areas. They are found in lawns with water, even a small amount. Do not think that you are safe because you are miles away from water. That simply is untrue.

Mosquito Illness is Not a Big Deal

Mosquitoes transmit several different diseases, including malaria. And despite popular belief, these diseases are a concern in the United States, with some 640,000 cases reported between 2004 -2016.

All Mosquitoes Bite

Do you know that only female mosquitoes bite? They need the blood to breed. Once they bite a victim, they need water to lay their eggs. And, within a few days, a mosquito is born. That is why a female is the only mosquito of concern.

Pest Control is Expensive

If you compare costs of mosquito control services cedar park, you will quickly realize that it is not expensive, especially knowing that it revives fun outside during the summer. Request quotes, take advantage of promotions and deals, and schedule mosquito service to prevent worries.

How many of the myths above have you heard? Probably one or two. Now that you know the truth you can enjoy summer a little bit more than you did before.