FAQs on Partial Dentures

When you hear about partial dentures, you are often hearing about replacing teeth in the front of the mouth, where they are most visible. However, if you are missing teeth in the back of your mouth, you may find that partial dentures are one of the best options you can choose. There are numerous benefits to getting partial dentures installed, including how low cost they are and their functionality.

How many dentures will be required to fill an entire arch?

You will only need one partial denture installed to cover a single arch of teeth, no matter how many teeth you are missing in the back of the mouth. As long as you have some teeth remaining, you will be able to get one partial denture outfitted on an arch.

Are partial dentures stable if they can be removed?

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Removable partial dentures are still completely stable and will stay in their place while you are eating, drinking, and speaking to others. They are almost as stable and dental implants, though these cannot be removed. If you want affordability, partial dentures for back teeth st louis dentists provide are ideal.

Will my speech be improved with partial dentures?

You are very likely to see an increase in your ability to speak when your bath teeth have been replaced using partial dentures. These missing teeth can make it difficult to form words, but you regain this control when you replace them with partials.

Will I look different with partial dentures?

When you are missing teeth, this changes the facial support muscles of your cheeks as well as your skin. This often results in patients seeing reduced sagging in these areas when getting dentures, so you may look more youthful.

Partial dentures have several benefits, which you could find useful to your oral health and overall quality of life.